Pincoy MobiStor 240GB

Pincoy MobiStor 240GB

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Capacity 240GB
Size 66x36x9 mm
Weight 26 gm
Interface USB3.1 (Type C)
Works with Android , Windows, MAC & Linux systems
Commercial operating temperature range form

0℃ to +70℃

Flash management algorithm: global static and dynamic wear-leveling, bad block management algorithm

Supports ATA and SATA Interface power management and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)

ECC (Error Correction Code) Supports BCH 66-bits/1KB ECC.
Read endurance unlimited
Data retention 8 Years
MTBF 1,500,000 Hours

Operating:0℃ to +70℃

Non-Operating:-55℃ to +95℃


5% to 95%, non-condensing

Vibration 2

0G Peak, 10~2000Hz, (15mins/Axis) x3Axis


1500G, duration 0.5ms, Half Sine Wave


3 Years


***Features, Price and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Its New Class of Storage.

Its Wallet StorageMobiStor is wallet storage with Bullet-fast transfers. Simple to use storage. Primarily focused for Mobile phone users however it can also be used across platform – Android, Windows, iMac, Linux.

Easy to use (Plug & Play)

Small Size & Light Weight

It so small & light weight (26gm only). It will fit in your wallet. So carry your money and data together in wallet.

Bullet Fast

MobiStor is 14 time faster than USB3.0 OTG Drives & flash drives and more than 5 times faster than current external HDD. It uses USB 3.1 Type-C port to rapidly transfer data.

Low Power Consumption

MobiStor does not requires any external power input. It operates with Mobile phone power.

Shock Resistance to Fallout

Unlike hard disk drives, MobiStor SSD drives are not affected by falloff.

Best suited as external drive for mobile phone. Other usage are by connecting to Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, iMac, MacBook, smartTV, Car Stereo & Camera.

Different user segments

  • School or College Students they can carry their study materials/important notes/subjects in PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD. And they can use or open it, in their mobile, laptop or desktop at any point of time at the time of requirement. Students those who are higher studies or research any particular field they can use PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD to keep data or important documents which they want to carry every time.

  • Professionals like Sales Tax Officers, Law Practitioners, and Advocates & Lawyers those who are working with huge data and files and most of time carrying huge files and folders with them. They can carry our PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD to reduce their luggage.

  • Doctors they don’t want to carry huge luggage with them in most of the time. They can keep our PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD with them along with their wallet and mobile to keep their patients records or important medical related documents which he wants to keep with them.

  • Students in IIT/Management/Engineering institute in different fields they need to carry important documents for their course of studies. They can also keep our smallest storage device PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD to update themselves and use it any time anywhere.

  • Self-Professionals like businessman they need to carry documents business related, employee records and also important documents which they don’t want to share to anyone, for this they can use PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD. Also architectural engineer they also need to carry huge documents, file folders. To reduce their luggage, they can use our most useful storage device PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD.

  • Service People in different private organization like Medical Sales/FMCG Sales/Consumer Electronics Sales/IT Sales, most of the sales people carry their product related documents like product specs and scheme and pricelist. And medical representatives are carrying a huge product detailing files which is huge luggage to carry to them. All the documents they are carrying to explain their products specialty and uses to their customers in their respective fields. All of them can utilize our PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD to reduce their luggage.

  • Common People are using mobiles not only to keep in touch with their families or friends but they also use mobiles to entertain himself like use social networking side, whatsapp, games, music & videos. Most of them are worried to use all the apps and download videos (like movies, serials etc), music and photos in their mobiles due to storage. Sometimes few apps make their handset get slow, and sometimes they don’t want to download any photo or video or music due to storage. Rather we request all of them you can use your handset with all that applications and download whatever you want and whatever you are getting photos, videos and music which may be important to you at any point of time. Not only that you can keep your important documents like Bank information and other important documents which you don’t want to share anybody. Only it will be possible if you can start using our PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD. It will keep you free of mind.

  • Gamers are uses mobiles not only for talk and social networking with others but they are also using this device as a gaming device. Most of the gaming apps are huge capacity files and it requires large space, our PINCOY MOBISTOR WALLET SSD is useful for them to enjoy as per their requirement. ( This also depend on a particular game. Game must allow the use of external storage)

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