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Asus ROG Herculx ARGB Graphics Card Holder

₹3,400 ₹4,900

Features: The robust ROG Herculx Graphics Card Holder securely fortifies even the most powerful cards, plus offers an easy-to-use design and extensive compatibility. Stand design is compatible wit..

Coconut F2 - 120mm ARGB Cabinet Fan With Remote Controller (Triple Pack)

₹1,599 ₹5,399

Features: Coco sports, gaming gear by Coconut brings you F2 ARGB Fan Kit. It's a set of 3 ARGB Fan with ARGB Control Box / hub and RF Remote. Case Fan/ Cooler pack with Adressable RGB LED: The Dual H..

Cooler Master ARGB GPU Support Bracket (Black)

₹1,950 ₹2,200

Features: Versatile SupportProtect Your ComponentsMultiple OrientationsEasy To InstallEdge-Lit ARGB Tempered GlassEliminate Graphics Card Sag A NEW TYPE OF REINFORCEMENT Tempered glass, address..

Cooler Master ARGB LED Controller A1

₹2,000 ₹2,500

Features: Simple and Compact Backwards Compatibility MasterPlus+ software LED Controller A1 Cooler Master has engineered the new Addressable Gen 2 RGB LED Controller granting you the versatil..

Cooler Master PCI-E 3.0 x16 200mm Riser Cable (Ver. 2)

₹2,025 ₹2,500

Features:Ultra-flexible cable sleevesStainless steel-reinforced PCI slotProtective ABS casingGold pin connectionsHeavy duty shieldingUltra Durable PCB FLEX YOUR GRAPHICS MUSCLE The Cooler Master Ris..

Corsair iCUE LC100 Mini Triangle Case Accent RGB Lighting Panels 9x Tile Expansion Kit (CL-9011115-WW)

₹8,400 ₹13,600

Features: The CORSAIR iCUE LC100 Case Accent Lighting Panels – Mini Triangle Expansion Kit adds nine more interconnected mini RGB lighting panels to your LC100 setup, for even more intricate custom l..

DeepCool CF120 White 120mm ARGB Cabinet Fan (Single Pack)

₹1,100 ₹1,799

Features: CUSTOMIZABLE ADDRESSABLE RGB LED LIGHTINGUtilize 12pcs of independently programmable RGB LED lights, CF120 WH provides full lighting for your build, achieving magical lighting effects with ..

Deepcool GH-01 ARGB Graphics Card Holder With Stand


FeaturesCustomizable Addressable RGB LED Lighting Equipped with 9pcs of Addressable RGB LED lights, GH-01 A-RGB provides full lighting for your build, it can be synced with other 5V ADD-RGB devices b..

Deepcool RGB 100 Blue LED Strip


SPECIFICATIONS Model DP-LED-RGB100BL Length of LED strips 300mm Length of Extension cable 500mm Dimension of LED part only Length x width x thickness:300 x10 x3mm Number..

Deepcool RGB 100 Red LED Strip


SPECIFICATIONS Model DP-LED-RGB100RD Length of LED strips 300mm Length of Extension cable 500mm Dimension of LED part only Length x width x thickness:300 x10 x3mm Number..

Deepcool RGB 350 LED Strip With RGB Controller

₹1,675 ₹1,999

SPECIFICATIONS Model DP-LED-RGB350 Length of LED strips 500mm* 2pcs (with 200mm cable) Length of Extension cable 500mm Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness:300*1..

Deepcool RGB 380 RGB Controller With LED Strip


SPECIFICATIONS Model DP-LED-RGB380 Length of LED strips 400mm* 3pcs Length of Extension cable 500mm Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness:400*10*3mm Number o..

Deepcool RGB Remote Controller (DP-MG-CTR-RGB-RMT)

₹549 ₹999

The DeepCool RGB Controller is designed to remotely control RGB lighting effects simply without having to install any clunky software.RGB Controller HOW IT WORKS The RGB Controller system includes a ..

Deepcool Rockman PWM Fan Controller With Blue LED


SPECIFICATIONS Model Rockman PWM Overall Dimension 102X110X25.5mm Rated Voltage 12V and 5V Operating Voltage 11~13V and 4~6V Color  Blue Operating Voltage 11..

Deepcool SC700 12-port ARGB Hub (R-SC700-BKNSNN-G)

₹1,080 ₹1,599

Features: The DeepCool SC700 12-port ARGB hub can power numerous 5V ARGB components simultaneously while occupying only one 3-pin header on a motherboard or controller.  12-Port Addressable RGB..

Deepcool SC790 2-in-1 PWM and RGB Hub (R-SC790-BKNSNN-G)

₹1,320 ₹2,099

Features: The DeepCool SC790 2-in-1 PWM & RGB hub provides fan and lighting control for up to 6 total PWM ARGB fans simultaneously while occupying minimal headers on a motherboard. PWM & ARG..

Deepcool ST500 ARGB Graphics Card Holder (Black)

₹1,599 ₹1,799

The DeepCool ST500 ARGB GPU support bracket reinforces heavy graphics cards of any model to protect against GPU sag with an adjustable 3-axis design and support pillar for universal compatibility in a..

Fractal Design Adjust R1 RGB Controller

₹1,099 ₹1,755

FeaturesAdjust R1 For full manual control over your Fractal Design Prisma AL Series fans and other standard 5V addressable RGB devices Simple, intuitive controlsCompatible with standard 5V ARGB..

Fractal Design Flex B-20 Vertical Graphics Card Holder With PCI-E Riser Cable

₹4,200 ₹7,454

FeaturesFlex B-20 The Flex B-20 bracket is a great supplement to your case, allowing you to mount your GPU vertically. This makes Flex B-20 an attractive companion to select Fractal cases like the De..

Fractal Design Flex VRC-25 PCI-E 3.0 x16 210mm Riser Cable

₹3,700 ₹6,219

FeaturesThe Flex VRC-25 is the first PCIe riser cable kit specially designed for the Fractal Design chassis with 2.5 slot vertical GPU mount support Compatible with Define 7, Define R6, Define S2..

Fractal Design Type-B HDD Tray kit – White (Dual Pack)

₹1,049 ₹1,823

FeaturesIncrease the storage capacity of your Fractal case with a drive bracket upgrade kit. Includes two 3.5”/2.5” HDD/SSD trays and mounting hardwareDesigned for use in Define 7 or Meshify 2 Se..

Lian Li Lancool 216 Magnetic Dust Filter for Mesh Front Panel (Black)

₹850 ₹999

Features: LANCOOL 216 optional accessory Magnetic Dust Filter Easy to clean SIMPLE INSTALL AND REMOVE PROCESS The dust filter is easily to install and remove for cleaning with the magnetic de..

Lian Li Lancool II-1X Vertical Graphics Card Holder With PCI-E Riser Cable For Lancool II

₹4,375 ₹7,299

Specifications Model  LANCOOL II-1X (Vertical GPU Kit for LANCOOL II) Color Black Dimension 118mm (L) x 141mm (D) x 141 mm (H) Material 1mm SGCC PCI-E Riser Cable&n..

LIAN LI LANCOOL II-3X Hot-Swappable Hard Drive Back Plate For LANCOOL II

₹1,649 ₹1,999

Specifications Model LANCOOL II-3X (Hot-swappable Back Plate for LANCOOL II) Dimension 85mm (L) x 116mm (D) x 1.6mm (H) SATA Power Cable Length 80mm Light Guide Plate 175mm (..

Lian Li Lancool III Magnetic Dust Filter Kit (Black)

₹800 ₹1,099

Features: LANCOOL III optional accessory Magnetic Dust Filter Easy to c LAN3-1X High density magnetic filter for all mesh panels, including front, top and left bottom side, of LANCOOL III bri..

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