Motherboard ATX 24-Pin Cable

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Adata XPG PRIME ARGB 24-Pin Motherboard Extension Cable (White)

₹3,650 ₹7,599

Features XPG PRIME ARGB EXTENSION CABLE - MB THE PROFUSION OF COLOR ● Stunning ARGB lighting effect ● Support control software from major motherboard makers ● 24 pin MB connector ● ARGB lighting co..

Corsair Premium Individually Sleeved ATX 24-Pin Cable Type 4 Gen 4 (Red-Black)

₹2,314 ₹3,300

Features The CORSAIR Premium Individually Sleeved Type 4 Gen 4 ATX 24-Pin cable combines premium paracord sleeving and a heatshrink-less finish with wide compatibility for CORSAIR Type 4 Power Suppli..

Lian Li Strimer Plus 3X8 V2 24-Pin ARGB GPU Extension Cable

₹4,800 ₹8,199

Features: Available as a GPU triple 8 pin The design of Strimer Plus V2 is thinner and more flexible than ever, and the braided cables are replaced with high-end silicon-covered cables. Control S..

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