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Designed from the Skies


We use our most efficient air flow design to date – based on Turboprop engines. Air Flow blades move more air while generating less noise.

Find Your Balance

Just as there is no one fan that fits all, case cooling is also highly individual. Each MasterFan Pro provides three profiles to adjust between your personal mix of silence and performance.

Cabinet Fan
Detailed Spec
Model number MFY-F4NN-08NMK-R1
LED Color Non-LED
Dimensions (LxWxH) 140(L) x 140(W) x 25(H) mm
Speed S Mode (Silent)
650-800 RPM ± 10%
Q Mode (Quiet)
650-1,300 RPM ± 10%
P Mode (Performance)
650-1,600 RPM ± 10%
Airflow S Mode (Silent)
53 CFM ± 10%
Q Mode (Quiet)
88.1 CFM ± 10%
P Mode (Performance)
106 CFM ± 10%
Air Pressure S Mode (Silent)
0.54 mmH2O ± 10%
Q Mode (Quiet)
1.42 mmH2O ± 10%
P Mode (Performance)
2.1 mmH2O ± 10%
Life Expectancy 490,000 hrs
Noise Level (dBA) S Mode (Silent)
6 - 20 dBA
Q Mode (Quiet)
6 - 30 dBA
P Mode (Performance)
6 - 36 dBA
Connector 4-Pin (PWM)
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Rated Current S Mode (Silent)
Q Mode (Quiet)
P Mode (Performance)
Power Consumption S Mode (Silent)
Q Mode (Quiet)
P Mode (Performance)
Weight 162g
Accessory 4x Tap Screw
LED None
Size 140 mm
Pack Single
Fan Controller No
Warranty 5 Years
Note*** Features, Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.***

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Cooler Master MASTERFAN PRO 140 Air Flow

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