Bykski 12mm ID Hard Tube Bending Cord - Black (B-BHPAT16)

Bykski 12mm ID Hard Tube Bending Cord - Black (B-BHPAT16)

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The Bykski Rigid Tubing Bending Cord is used for bending Rigid Tubing (12mm ID). It allows the rigid tube to be heated and bent with less likelihood of the rigid tube collapsing and creating little cavities along the surface of the bent rigid tube. This insert cord is solid and is recommended for more complex bends. The solid cord is a little harder to remove vs a tubed version bending insert and cannot be stretched as much.

Installation Instructions

The bending insert is meant to have a tight fit. If it is loose, the rigid tube will collapse, kink, form air pockets and flat spots. The tighter the fit, the better the result. This process requires patience, but will become easier the more you practice.
The bending insert requires some stretching and lubricating to get it in the rigid tube.

Steps to success are below:

1. Stretch the bending insert. Remove any excess that isn’t stretched.
2. Ream the rigid tube with an RFB for best results, (or a hand reamer if that's all you have). This will ensure a clean opening for easier insertion.
3. Lubricate by applying several drops of dish soap or olive oil on the bending insert itself and then place several more drops into the rigid tube.
4. Work the bending insert into the rigid tube. The more you use the insert, the easier this process will become.

Key Features

  • Durable Silicon Material


Compatibility Tube:12mm ID Acrylic/PETG Tube only
Parts Included Single 3 Foot Piece Rigid Tubing Bending Cord
Important Info is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product. Please use at your own risk.
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Bykski 12mm ID Hard Tube Bending Cord - Black (B-BHPAT16)
Bykski 12mm ID Hard Tube Bending Cord - Black (B-BHPAT16)