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Thermaltake Contac 9 92mm CPU Air Cooler

₹1,650 ₹1,800

Contac 9 CPU CoolerContac 9 CPU Cooler delivers excellent cooling and whisper-quiet performance. Features 0.4mm thick aluminum fins and 3 Direct Touch heatpipes for effective heat dissipation. The inc..


Thermaltake Mercury 3 90mm CPU Air Cooler

₹600 ₹850

FEATURES 90mm silent fan for reliable and silent operation Special fan blade design crafts generate large volume of air passing through the heatsink All-in-one back-plate design offers unive..


Thermaltake TH120 ARGB All In One 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler (CL-W285-PL12SW-A)

₹4,700 ₹8,000

FeaturesLiquid Cooling for your CPU The TH120 ARGB Sync combines a highly efficient radiator with a high static pressure fan to keep your CPU running cool. Tt LCS Certified Tt LCS Certified is a Th..


Thermaltake TH240 ARGB All In One 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler (CL-W286-PL12SW-A)

₹6,500 ₹11,000

FeaturesTH240 ARGB Sync AIO Liquid Cooler Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Sync is an all-in-one liquid cooler which includes two 120mm powerful high static pressure fans, and a high performance radiator along..


Thermaltake TH240 V2 ARGB Sync Snow Edition All In One 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler (CL-W364-PL12SW-A)

₹6,800 ₹10,790

Features: TH240 V2 ARGB Snow has a new industrial cap with an infinity mirror light design, bringing a new vibe to the TH series. Equipped with two CT120 ARGB White fan, the TH240 V2 ARGB Snow is sui..


Thermaltake TH420 ARGB Sync Snow Edition All In One 420mm CPU Liquid Cooler (CL-W369-PL14SW-A)

₹10,950 ₹17,490

Features: Top of the line liquid cooler, equipped with power andperformance. No Refills Needed. Triple 140mm powerful fan offers the best cooling performance Special LED Water Block Design User-..


Thermaltake Toughair 710 Black 140mm Dual Tower CPU Air Cooler (CL-P117-CA14BL-A)

₹7,450 ₹11,190

Features: TOUGHAIR 710 Black is constructed with a Dual-Tower Dual Fan Design for the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, allowing the two 140mm fans to perform the best possible cooling and kicking the TOUGH..


Thermaltake Toughliquid Ultra 240 All In One 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler with LCD Display (CL-W322-PL12GM-B)

₹19,050 ₹30,190

Features: TOUGHLIQUID Ultra 240 AIO Cooler is an all-in-one liquid cooler with our latest LCD display that presents real-time information of the system and even plays GIF files with 480x480 resolutio..


Thermaltake Toughliquid Ultra 280 RGB All In One 280mm CPU Liquid Cooler with Rotational LCD Display (CL-W371-PL14SW-A)

₹19,750 ₹32,190

Features: Personalize Your LCD Display 2.1 Inch Rotational LCD display presents real-time information and plays JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, MOV and AVI files with 480*480 resolution. What’s more is users ca..


Thermaltake UX100 ARGB Lighting 120mm CPU Air Cooler (CL-P064-AL12SW-A)

₹1,470 ₹2,090

Features 16.8 M TRUE RGB COLOR Featuring 15 high lumen addressable LEDs with 16.8 million colors, UX100 gives you the vivid RGB lighting experience. Enjoy the reliable cooling performance and magnif..

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