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AVerMedia 1080p60 4-Channel PCIe Capture Card With Low Profile (CL314H1)

₹68,500 ₹89,000

SPECIFICATIONS Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x 4 Audio Interface HDMI embedded PCM Audio Format Embedded HDMI, PCM udio Sampling Rate 32/44.1/48KHz Connector Type HDMI Type..

AVerMedia 1080p60 HDMI Mini-PCIe Capture Card (CM311-H)

₹19,341 ₹28,000

SPECIFICATIONS Host Interface PCI Express Gen2 x1 Audio Interface HDMI 1.4a Audio Format HDMI embedded audio Audio Sampling Rate 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz Connector Type SH..

AVerMedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Card (CD311)

₹17,600 ₹18,269

Specification Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x1 Audio Interface HDMI (1.3/ HDCP 1.3) Audio Format PCM Audio Sampling Rate Audio L/R: 48KHz, 16bit HDMI: 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz, 16bi..

AVerMedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Mini-PCIe Capture Card (C353)

₹19,850 ₹28,000

SPECIFICATIONS Module Type PCI Express Minicard Input HDMI VGA (D-Sub) DVI (HDMI Adaptor, optional) Video Resolution Max. Input Resolution  -1080p60 Max. Resolu..

AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 Video Capture (C039)

₹5,800 ₹8,500

Specification Interface S-video, composite video, stereo audio Dimensions 3.2 x 1.1 x 0.5 in (82 x 28.5 x 14 mm) Weight 1.7 oz (50 g) System Requirements Windows® 10 / Wi..

AVerMedia Elena Chan Mouse Pad (Large)


Features AVerMedia Large Size Mouse Pad comes with their Mascot design Which is has a size of 700x300x3mm along with Flash Surface. Specifications Model Elena-Chan Surface Flash Surfac..

AVerMedia EZMaker SDK Express Capture Card (C725)

₹6,250 ₹8,500

Specification Interface PCI-E 1X Input S-Video  Composite (RCA) Audio (L/R) Input Video Resolution 160×120 / 176×144 / 240×180 / 240×176320×240 / 352×240 / 352×288 (PA..

AVerMedia EZMaker USB SDK Capture Device (C039P)

₹7,600 ₹11,500

SPECIFICATIONS Interface USB 2.0 Input Composite/ S-Video/ Audio L/R Input Video Resolution 720 x 480@60i, 720 x 576@50i Capture Video formal 80 x 60 (NTSC only), 88 x 72..

AVerMedia EzRecorder 330 Capture Card (ER330)

₹19,000 ₹25,000

Specifications Technical Specifications Interface: Standalone Storage: - microSD card External USB 2.0 HDD NAS Video Input: HDMI/Composite Video Output: HDMI Audio Input: HDMI,..

AVerMedia Full HD HDMI 1080p 60FPS PCIe Capture Card (CL311-M2)

₹19,500 ₹27,000

Features Maximum input/capture resolution 1920 x 1080 60fps Captures video from HDMI and analog inputs Supports AV/ S-Video/ Component/ HDMI inputs Support vertical blanking interval (VBI) funct..

AVerMedia Full HD Multi Input Capture Card (CL311-MN)

₹43,999 ₹55,000

Specification Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x1   Audio Interface SDI, HDMI, L/ R Audio Format Embedded SDI, HDMI; PCM Audio Sampling Rate Audio L/ R: 48KHz, 16bitHDMI: 32K..

AVerMedia HDMI Dual Channel Capture Card (CL332-HN)

₹40,239 ₹59,000

Specification Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x1 Audio Interface HDMI embedded audio Audio Format PCM Audio Sampling Rate 32KHz, 44.1KHZ, 48KHz Connector Type Standard HDMI..

AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K Capture Card (GC573)

₹24,000 ₹32,000

Specification Interface PCI-Express Gen 2 x4 Video Input HDMI 2.0 Video Output (Pass-Through) HDMI 2.0 Audio Input HDMI 2.0 Audio Output (Pass-Through) HDMI 2.0 Max..

AVerMedia Live Gamer DUO GC570D Capture Card

₹23,700 ₹38,000

Specifications Technical Specifications Interface: PCI-Express x4 Gen 2 Input 1: HDMI 2.0 * 1 Input 2: HDMI 1.4 * 1 Output 1 (Pass-Through): HDMI 2.0 * 1 Output 1 Max. Pass-Through Res..

AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 Plug And Play 4K Capture Card (GC551G2)

₹20,800 ₹30,000

Features: 4Kp30 Capture Variable Refresh Rate Multistream with RECentral Plug & Play Ultra-Low Latency Audio Line-In & Line-Out 4Kp30 Uncompressed Capture Capture your gameplay in..

Avermedia Live Gamer HD 2 GC570 Capture Card

₹16,400 ₹25,900

FEATURES1080p60 Uncompressed VideoLGHD2 is built for speed and quality. By capturing uncompressed videos, LGHD2 simplifies your PC operations and delivers smoother and sharper 1080p60 streaming.Read..

AverMedia Live Gamer Mini Capture Card (GC311)

₹12,750 ₹15,900

SPECIFICATIONS Model No Live Gamer mini Tech Interface:USB 2.0 (USB Micro)• Video Input:HDMI • Video Output (Pass-Through):HDMI • Audio Input:HDMI • Audio Output (Pass-Thr..

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus Capture Card (GC513)

₹16,850 ₹22,900

Specification Interface USB 2.0 (USB Micro) Video Input HDMI 2.0 Video Output (Pass-Through) HDMI 2.0 Audio Input HDMI 2.0 / 4 Pole 3.5mm Jack ( Audio input from controller, Mi..

AVerMedia Live Gamer ULTRA Capture Card (GC553)

₹22,890 ₹31,000

Specification Interface USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type C Video Input HDMI 2.0 Video Output (Pass-Through) HDMI 2.0 Audio Input HDMI 2.0 Audio Output (Pass-Through) HDMI 2.0 Ma..

AVerMedia Live Streamer 311 (BO311)

₹20,300 ₹25,000

FEATURES Live Streamer 311 Hands down your perfect choice to start your streaming kingdom. With Full HD video capture, High quality audio recording and superb 3rd party compatibility, all that’s mis..

AVerMedia Live Streamer CAP 4K Video Capture Card (BU113)

₹18,250 ₹23,000

Features: Stream with YOUR Camera With Live Streamer CAP 4K, simply hook up your video camera or camcorder to create the highest video quality contents for your 4Kp60(HDR) live stream and 4Kp30 vide..

AVerMedia Live Streamer MIC 133 Microphone (AM133)

₹7,519 ₹10,000

SPECIFICATIONS Model AM133 Type Condenser Microphone Directivity Unidirectional Output 3.5 mm Jack Impedance 1.5 K Ω Sensitivity -37 dB ±3 dB at 1 kHz, (0 dB = 1..

AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus Streaming Deck (AX310)

₹32,650 ₹45,000

Find your Mastery With a 6 track audio mixer and a fully customizable control panel, the Live Streamer NEXUS will ensure you have full control over the live creation process. Be more productive, creat..

AVerMedia LiveStreamer MIC 330 Microphone (AM330)

₹10,550 ₹20,000

Dynamic Cardioid XLR Mic The Live Streamer MIC 330 is less sensitive to far audio sources, and will pick up sounds directly in-front of it, allowing it to focus on what is most important, your VOICE...

AVerMedia Multi Input Output Converter Box 510 (ET510)

₹19,858 ₹23,000

SPECIFICATIONS Input signal • HDMI x 2• VGA• 3.5 mm audio• Composite x 2• Component• USB 2.0 (for firmware updates) Output signal • HDMI• VGA• 3.5 mm audio & composite combo Sys..

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